The New York Times recently produced an awesome article series called Primal Scream, where a published phone number allowed readers to call in and talk about their experience raising children during the pandemic.

Listening to your readers, however you can, is crucially important in evolving your delivery of digital journalism. Entire consultancies such as Hearken are built on involving communities in business, especially journalism. City Bureau in Chicago bring people together in workshops to discuss the problems they are facing, ultimately producing media that is more honest, more involving, and crucially more desired.

But how do you do that when…

In the last post I took you through a short summary of what it took to get Edition Builder live at The Times and Sunday Times. If you haven’t read it, you should, it’s pretty good background.

(In the last post I also mentioned I’d be writing this in a few weeks. That was pre-coronavirus, so these posts have taken a seat at the very back of a very long series of seats. Apologies for that!)

As one of the larger engineering projects we have undertaken, Edition Builder broke new ground in a bunch of areas. …

Internal tools never get enough attention.

Building them can be a thankless, unseen task that’s rarely prioritised, as it is not immediately obvious how to tie investment in them back to the bottom line. It can be too easy to jump on the customer-facing speedboat and jet away from them, leaving a wake of stopgaps that can often leave you with tightly coupled intricate workarounds that are enormously difficult to pick apart.

This was the case at The Times for the last four years. While we spent a long time discussing and designing how editions might work on our readers’…

Imported from Revue, sign up here.

Hey hey, good morning,

I know it says Issue #1 up there. I will fix that. You are not in a time warp. Do not panic.

You might have also noticed some other things have changed. I’m trialling Revue as a new sending solution over MailChimp, and this is for a few reasons.

If you’re interested, number one is that I read and go through a load of stuff every week and finding the right content and pasting it into the relevant boxes is not what MailChimp was made for. But Revue integrates with…

So I am sure that by now everyone has heard and has a plan for what of the latest wave of i-brand gadgetry (sorry Apple Watch) they will be lusting after this Autumn.

There are two big things to pick out of the announcements: Apple’s pricing strategy on the iPhone 8 and X models, and the revolutionary addition of an electronic SIM to the Apple Watch, of which the benefits are quite clearly increasing.

Let’s start with the mystery of Apple’s now staggering lineup of devices. As of November, you will be able to buy the iPhone SE, iPhone 6S…

The three comma club at #Code

A lot of the links in this week’s email are going to be to The tech blog’s essential ‘Code conference’ was this week, and far from the nerdy geekfest you might consider it to be given the title, #Code (as it will henceforth be known) is known for seeing the biggest hitters in the tech world talk nothing but business.

So without further ado, here are the highlights from me watching a few hours of video for you.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO and Washington Post owner, had some great stuff to say about both businesses. There are over 1000…

Hi everyone,

This is your weekly digest of digital media news from the Times Digital team, including more information on some of the things we talk about in conference, and some of the things we missed out.

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This isn’t Peter Thiel, but I love Silicon Valley.

Gawker’s nemesis

It’s been a big week for Nick Denton. We started with a conspiracy theory from the Gawker Media founder that the many recent lawsuits levied at the business by Hulk Hogan and others were financed by one person.

In case you missed it, Hulk Hogan was the subject of a post on Gawker including a sex tape, for…

Hi everyone,

This is your weekly digest of digital media news from the Times Digital team. Please forward this email to anyone that might be interested.

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I’m off next week so this is a long summary with a lot of links to keep you busy!

Great digital storytelling this week

  • “Bloomberg have another fantastic feature on Yahoo’s current value: negative $8 billion. It’s a great lesson on the changing culture of technology companies, and consumer attention. How you cannot just lift and shift the values and feeling of Google into your own…

VR is a world we don’t quite understand

Most days I wish I were Benedict Evans, or at least I wish I had thought of what he had written before he had written it. This piece from the tail end of last week on VR is brilliant in its interpretation of the medium and well worth a full read, but I will summarise.

If you’ve ever put a VR device on your head before last year, prepare for a totally new level of experience. The devices out this year in Facebook’s Oculus and HTC’s Vive will be gamechangers: the first TVs of a new digital medium. Just like…

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